How to Tell A Roofer is Legitimate

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Investing in a roof is a big undertaking and can set you back a good chunk of change. That is why it is important to find a legitimate roofer with a strong reputation to take on your project. It is not always easy to find a reputable roofer, but it is not impossible. With the right knowledge of what to look for when seeking out a roofer, you’ll be one step closer to finding the right team. Check out these tips that can help you spot a fake roofer or a roofing scam and find a legitimate roofer.

Ask for Insurance

Not all roofers offer the same services or have the same qualifications. Legitimate roofers should have insurance, both workers’ compensation insurance, and liability insurance. A roofing company that means business and is worth looking into is one that has insurance coverage. This is an important in the roofing business and when people are working on your property. You want to avoid being held liable for any damages on injuries that could occur while roofers are working on your property.

Validate Certifications

If you want to put your trust in a roofing company, check to see if they are certified. A legitimate roofing company will possess training and certifications that grant them the right to operate as a roofing company. Having a qualified team, with the know-how to get the roofing job done right is what you need to ease your worries. A reputable roofing company should have no qualms about showing their roofing certifications when asked.

Check Their Reviews

A good reputation can signal to you if a roofing company is legitimate. You have the charge of verifying the integrity of a roofing company, and with so many companies with an online presence, you can find useful information that can help you to make your decision. Look up a roofing company’s rating and reviews to hear what past customers have to say about their service and performance. You can use Google as a source or check with the Better Business Bureau for a roofing company’s rating.

Ask Your Friends and Neighbors

If you have friends or even neighbors that have used a roofing company that you are interested in, get their scoop on the company. With their firsthand experience, you can learn much about the company, including why you should choose them or avoid them. Maybe they have used a company that isn’t on your list and could give you suggestions.

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