Why is Rubber Preferred for Commercial Flat Roofs?

Home Roofing Why is Rubber Preferred for Commercial Flat Roofs?

If you own a commercial building that needs reroofing, you’ll be faced with many choices. While numerous roofing options are available, you want the best solution for your budget and the long-term durability of your roof. If you have a flat roof, your building is a prime candidate for a rubber roof. Why should you switch from traditional asphalt to rubber? Read on for the benefits you can derive from applying a rubber roof for your commercial roofing needs.

Ease of Winter Cleaning

If you’re in an area with freezing winters and frequently deal with ice, snow, and freezing rain, a rubber roof is your best option. When you need to shovel regular loads of snow off your roof or chip ice buildup, using a roofing material that allows for quick and convenient cleaning is quite beneficial. Rubber roofs allow for fast snow removal ensuring you won’t ever have a roof that becomes too heavy with snow and ice buildup. No longer will you risk damaging your roof by catching a shovel on the roofing material and picking it up.


Perhaps the best reason for rubber roofing is its cost-effective nature. While traditional asphalt roofs will need to be maintained and replaced, rubber roofs are often a set it and forget it solution. Rubber is a highly durable material and resistant to the wear and tear of foot traffic, snow, ice, and harsh sunlight. If you install a rubber roof onto your commercial building, you likely won’t need to install another for the lifetime of your structure. Rubber roofing is an investment that gives you quality performance at cost-effective prices.

Efficient Installation Process

If you install a rubber roof, you can expect a faster turnaround time than asphalt. The common single-ply nature of rubber roofs creates an easy installation process for contractors familiar with rubber roofing. Any needed repairs can also be fixed quickly and efficiently. You’ll not only have a building ready to use in record time, but you’ll save money by hiring contractors for less time. Contractors who specialize in rubber roofing will be able to give you an accurate estimate of project timing so you can plan around the installation process. There is no need to pull up your old roofing material when applying rubber roofing. Because rubber roofing can be applied over your existing roof, you can expect contractors to start on your project right away.

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