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Your windows are easily one of the most important pieces of your home’s exterior. They offer a laundry list of benefits, including providing your home with ventilation & natural light, but also curb appeal & resale value, protection from the elements and intruders, noise reduction, and insulation. Considering how important your windows truly are to your home, it is essential that they are kept in good repair! However, if you need to replace your windows, you may be wondering if there is a good time of year for it. Summer or Winter? Spring or Fall? Our team has put together a guide discussing which times of year are best for your replacement project! Take a look below for more information!


Let’s start with the option most would perceive to be the worst: winter. There are certainly drawbacks to winter window replacements, including of course the heat loss. However, winter replacements aren’t all bad. It is usually far easier to book an appointment, meaning if you find during the winter that your windows are drafty and you’re losing significant amounts of heat, you generally won’t need to wait as long to set-up an appointment. This can make winter a good time to think about replacing your windows.


The next option is springtime, which has its pros and cons. When the winter thaw clears, many homeowners begin to examine their home’s exterior and take stock of any need for repairs. This means that spring is generally quite busy and it can be hard to book an appointment. However, if you can, it is a great time of year, as most homeowners tend to notice a lot of issues that they had previously overlooked!


Next up, we have summertime. This is always a great option, as the weather is fantastic, except on the hottest of the dog days, and contractors tend to have a bit of a late-summer lull, making it easier to get a quick appointment. However, there is one option that reigns superior over all the others.


The best season to replace your windows is undoubtedly Autumn. Fall is fantastic because it allows you to get your home prepared for the winter season ahead, and your windows are one of the biggest contributors to energy loss in your home, making it a great option to prepare your home for the winter ahead!

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