Rural Massachusetts LakeOur team at E.M. Snow, Inc. is happy to be able to offer our exterior remodeling services to the Natick, MA community. Located roughly 15 miles southwest of our headquarters in Waltham, we are very familiar with the Natick, MA area and we have been assisting homeowners in the community for years! Natick was first settled by the English in 1652, by a Puritan Missionary, before becoming officially incorporated as a town in 1781. It became a manufacturing town in the 19th century, producing shoes for Civil War soldiers, as well as a more resilient baseball design. Today Natick is a bedroom community to Boston, which makes it a commuters dream.  It is just far enough out of the city to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown Boston, but close enough to get to the city when you need to! With roughly 34,000 residents spread out across 13,000 households, there are plenty of Natick residents in need of our remodeling services! If you’re interested in learning more about our exterior remodeling products, keep reading below to learn more!

Roofing in Natick, MA

We know that your roof is the umbrella of your home, serving to protect it from the elements and pests, but also providing your home with beauty, boosting your curb appeal and resale value.  With so much to gain from a properly installed and maintained roof, it is essential to ensure your roof is kept in good repair! If you’re in need of a roof replacement for your Natick home, our team is ready to assist! We are proud to be able to offer two different kinds of roofing materials for our homeowners and business owners to choose from! For our residential homeowners, we are happy to be able to offer our asphalt shingle installation services. For business owners in need of a new roof, we are happy to be able to offer our rubber flat roofing solutions for commercial projects!

Our team is honored to have been recognized by CertainTeed as a Select Shingle Master, an honored bestowed upon contractors that they trust to install their roofing products the right way. We humbled to receive this acknowledgment, and we will continue to provide our customers with the superior craftsmanship that was brought our company to this point. If you need to replace the roof on your home or business this spring, our team at E.M. Snow is ready to help!

Siding in Natick, MA

Siding is one of the most important, but most forgotten, portions of your home’s exterior.  It offers a number of benefits for your home, from providing it with protection from the elements and pests, as well as providing an additional layer of insulation for your home’s walls. It also helps to boost your home’s value by adding curb appeal, and subsequently an increase in resale value. With so much to gain from properly installed siding, it is important to ensure that your siding is kept in good repair. If you’re in need of a siding replacement for your home, our team is ready to assist! We offer multiple siding solutions for our homeowners to choose from, including the most popular siding solution in North America, vinyl siding, including Cedar Impressions, as well as the beautiful James Hardie Fiber Cement! If you’re interested in installing any of our wonderful siding solutions on your home, reach out to our team today for more information!

Windows in Natick, MA

Our team is also happy to be able to provide Natick, MA homeowners with our window replacement solutions. From providing your home with light and ventilation, to increasing your home’s curb appeal, windows offer so many benefits for your home! If you need to replace your home’s windows, our team has the window replacement solutions you’ve been searching for! We are proud to be able to offer windows from New England’s own, Harvey Windows, to homeowners in need of replacements. If you’ve been looking for a quality window, installed by a contractor you can trust, our team is ready to assist with your replacement needs! Reach out to us today to learn more!

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about our exterior remodeling services, reach out to our team today for more information! We can be reached over the phone at (781) 893-4546 or by filling out our online contact form! We look forward to helping with your home’s exterior remodeling needs!

Natick MA Roofing & Siding Services
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Local Customer reviews:
Roof Replacement by , Sept. 14, 2018
5.0/ 5stars
We needed the roof on our Natick home replaced, so we reached out to the team at E.M. Snow. Their crew did a great job replacing our roof, helping us pick out the perfect shingles for our home. Their crew was quick, efficient, and clean, and they made sure to leave our home as clean as it was when they arrived. Thanks again to the team at E.M. Snow for the fantastic work they did!
New Windows & Siding by , May 13, 2017
5/ 5stars
Our team at E.M. Snow did a great job with our new windows & siding. We installed a number of new double-hung windows in our Cape Cod, and the new windows look great. We also needed to replace our home's siding, and we weren't sure which siding material we wanted to choose. After consulting with the team, they informed us that James Hardie's Fiber Cement was a great option if we didn't want to worry about replacing it for the next few decades. Thanks again E.M. Snow for the wonderful work you did on our home, and the great advice you gave us!