Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs

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While renovating homes from scratch or just focusing on the roof part, people still prefer investing in metal roofs. Because of their energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, and durability, metal roofs are the first choice of homeowners. But metal roofing brings along its set of advantages and disadvantages that you should know about. 

Pros of Metal Roofs

Let’s delve into the benefits offered by metal roofing. 

Long Lasting  

One of the significant factors offered by metal roofs is that they are long-lasting. Depending on the material, they can survive from 40 to 70 years. The traditional version of asphalt roofing has an expectancy of up to 12-20 years. 


Metal roofs can endure blasting winds with a speed of 140 miles per hour if they are installed correctly. You won’t be let down by corrosion or the fear of cracking. The roof demands minimum maintenance as compared to the other roofing substitutions. But they should be thoroughly checked on and off to ensure no repairs are required. 


If some accident or fire hazard occurs on the premises or in the proximity of your home or office, stay relaxed, as your metal roof will not catch fire or even get triggered. The material is very safe.

Energy Efficiency 

Metal roofs have proven themselves to be quite energy-efficient. How? These work to reflect the infrared and UV rays that affect the radiant heating on the roof. This can bring down cooling costs by up to 10-25%. 


Industries have started making eco-friendly or environmentally friendly products to promote sustainability. Metal roofs are manufactured out of 25-95% recycled content and are 100% recyclable when their time as a roof ends. If it had been an asphalt shingle, the material would have worn out and ended up in the trash yard. 

Cons Of Metal Roofs 

Everything is not perfect. The same goes for metal roofs as well as the material holds a few disadvantages as well:

Not Pocket-Friendly

Metal roofs lose the game of being more expensive than other roofing materials.However, metal roofs’ life is longer, the investment makes more sense. Therefore, people need to consider their budget before making an investment. 


In times of rainfall or hailstorm, the sound of it falling on the metal may cause noise disturbance. The noise also depends on the deck type used in the installation. If you get bothered, consider getting attic insulation, which will also require more money. 

No Color Matching 

If you plan to revamp your roof, remember that you might not get the same color after many years, as it will become difficult to align with your theme. 


Metal roofing is durable but expensive. Energy efficient but noisy. The choice is yours to install which material on the roof. 

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