Window draft, failing caulking

Finding & Sealing A Window Draft

For New England homeowners, one of the most important pieces of home maintenance you can perform is ensuring that your windows are properly sealed. This is essential for reducing energy loss during those cold winter days & nights. However, it can often be incredibly difficult trying to locate drafts in your windows. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about how you can find & seal a window draft yourself, keep reading below for a few tips from our team!

Finding A Draft

The first step to sealing your window drafts is locating them. To begin, all you’ll need is a bit of time & patience, and a candle to make the process easier. First, you can visually examine the window frame to see if there are any obvious holes in the system. However, generally window leaks are difficult to find, and you won’t be able to catch them with your eye, and you’ll need to employ your other senses. One option is to slowly run your hands around the window frame to see if you can feel any draft. Oftentimes this will work if the draft is significant enough, as you’ll notice the cold air rushing into your home, & warm air rushing out, or vice versa depending on the season. However, if there doesn’t work, try using a candlestick. The small flame will be more sensitive to gentle drafts than your skin, and if you see the flame flickering in the wind, its a clear sign that there is a draft nearby.

Sealing The Draft

Once you’ve pinpointed where the draft is coming in, the next step is sealing the draft. In order to seal it, you’re going to need caulking, or weather-stripping if the leaks seems to be relatively minor. You’ll need to install it around the entirety of the leak, taking care not to leave any corners unsealed.

However, if the leak is substantial enough, it’s a good idea to have a professional come to repair the damage and assess the window unit. If the leak is large enough, it’s possible that water damage could be occurring in the frame of the window, which can permeate through to the surrounding walls if left unchecked. A minor leak can safely be addressed at home, but for any leaks that are large enough to be visible, it’s best to get a professional opinion and repairs!

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Roof maintenance, nailing screws into shingles

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Summer is in full swing in New England, which brings with it a new set of maintenance concerns. Particularly when the summers are as hot, humid, & rainy as this year has been, keeping a close eye on your roofing system is essential for keeping your property protected. If you’re wondering how you can keep your roof well-maintained this summer, keep reading below for more information about our summer roof maintenance tips!

Keep An Eye On Your Attic

Particularly during such a rainy & humid summer, one of the most important things you can do is take a peek into your attic from time to time to keep an eye out for water damage. Whether the heavy rains find their way through your shingle system, or the humidity manages to cause mold inside the attic, keeping an eye on the space will go a long way towards preventing more severe water damage issues.

Trim Back Problem Branches

If you have any branches growing too close to your property, trimming them back can go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your roof. Tree branches can damage your roof in a variety of ways. They could lead to excessive moisture dripping onto particular spots on your roof. They could also break and damage your shingles, or even rub across the shingles and loosen your granules. If you have branches growing too close to your roof, trimming them back could end up saving you a lot of money down the line on repairs!

Perform An Inspection

Whether you take a thorough look around your property from the ground for signs of obvious damage, grab a ladder for a closer look, or hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection, having a clear idea of the condition of your roof is important for the health of your property. Damage can occur quickly, particularly is a leak goes undetected, so if your roof is getting older or you’re noticing visible signs of damage, having the system inspected is essential for keeping your property protected from damage!

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Asphalt Shingles

Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice for roofing in North America. The reasoning behind this is because asphalt shingling includes many benefits including,  versatility and weather resistance. If it’s time to replace your roof or if you’re looking for an upgrade it would be worthwhile to consider choosing asphalt shingles for your home. Below will inform you on why you should choose asphalt shingles over other materials for your new roof. 


Asphalt shingles are well known for there versatility. They can cover many different angles, shapes, and forms. That means that asphalt shingles can work with most types of roofs. No matter what the size of your roof is, or if it is complicated you can count on asphalt shingles to protect and cover your roof seamlessly. Most homes will be suitable for for asphalt shingles. 

Color Options

Asphalt shingles will suit your wants and needs. They are available in a wide array of colors so you will be able to pick the right shade that will work with the rest of your home. If you’re looking to improve your homes curb appeal, the selection of asphalt shingle colors available will make that possible! Other roofing materials aside from asphalt shingles do not offer such a wide array of colors. 

Cost-Effective Quality

One of the best benefits of asphalt shingles compared to other roofing materials is that they give you high quality and performance but, at a lower cost. Asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roofing material and they provide you with the most value in the long run. In the end, other roofing options such as, slate roofing, shake roofing, metal roofing, and more don’t offer the same value for the cost of asphalt roofing. 

Energy Efficiency

When you make the decision to install an asphalt roof on your home, your roofing contractors install a whole system which includes underlayment, this can make your home more energy efficient. You can purchase specially designed asphalt shingles in light, medium, and dark color tones that help reflect a higher amount of the sun’s heat. This leads to a reduced temperature of the roofs surface, and may in turn allow homeowners to use less energy to cool their homes.

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Spring Home Maintenance, cleaning gutter system

Spring Home Maintenance

With spring arriving in Massachusetts, it is important to keep up with your home maintenance in order to keep your home protected through the season! However, it can be tough to know which facets of your home’s exterior deserve the most attention, which is why our team is here to provide a guide on the proper spring maintenance that you should be performing on your home this summer. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading below for more information!

Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

First off, one of the most important pieces of spring maintenance for your home is cleaning your gutters & downspouts. Your gutter system serves a very important purpose, particularly in the springtime, by routing water away from your home’s foundation & siding, keeping it protected from water damage. This means that keeping the system free of debris & flowing freely is essential to the health of your home. If your gutter system is clogged, water will back up over the sides of the system, spilling onto the home & ground beneath the system where it can end up causing significant damage to your home or foliage. Be sure to check your gutter system each spring and ensure that there are no clogs in the system.

Inspect Your Roof

Another good piece of home maintenance advice is to check your roof for damage. Once the snow has melted, you may be able to spot damage on your roofing system. Perhaps your flashing has rusted from the moisture. Or your shingle system may have been damaged in the fall or winter by branches. Springtime will provide you with an opportunity to examine the system and ensure that your roof is in good repair for the spring & summer showers!

Check Windows & Doors for Drafts & Rot

Finally, it is a good idea to check the frames of your windows & threshold of your door for signs of rot, or drafts. The constant moisture that sits on your sills and threshold each winter can often cause moisture damage, particularly as it thaws and refreezes continuously. This means that come spring, it is a good idea to take a look around your home for signs of rot in the system, ensuring that everything is well maintained for the warmer months!

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Icicles on gutters, with snowy roof

Winter Roof Maintenance

For many Massachusetts homeowners, wintertime is the most difficult stretch of the year. The roads are icy, the weather is uncomfortable, and it brings a host of home maintenance issues, from shoveling snow, to removing ice, to ensuring that the home is sealed and energy efficient. One of the most important aspects of your home to maintain during the wintertime is your roof, which functions as the the umbrella of your home, keeping it protected from the elements and pests! This means that keeping the roof well-maintained is essential for the health of your home, and safety of your property. If you’re interested in learning a bit about the roof maintenance you should be performing this winter, our team at E.M. Snow has put together a blog for you!

Shovel Excess Snow

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your home’s roof in good repair is to shovel excess snow from the roof. You could choose to hire a professional to get on our roof and removed it, or alternatively, you can use a roof rake to grab snow and remove it from your roof; just be careful not to drop it all on your head!

The reason removing snow from your roof is so important is because it can cause a couple of significant issues. The first issue that often occurs with excess snow is that it can damage your roof by being too heavy and potentially causing damage to your roof deck.

The other issues that often occurs is that snow ends up melting down your shingles, and refreezing in your gutters, where it causes ice dams. Let’s discuss how to address & prevent ice dams below!

Ice Dams

One of the most important issues to keep an eye on in the wintertime is ice dams. Ice dams occur when excess snow from your roof melts and runs down to your gutters. When its no longer being heated by the warmth escaping from your attic, it refreezes in your gutter system where it it causes water to back up and seep into your shingle system. This means that keeping your gutters clear of ice dams is important for maintaining the health of your roof! To help reduce ice dams, it’s best practice to both ventilate your attic properly, also use ice melt when significant dams form.

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BBB 41 Year Certificate of Achievement

BBB Certificate of AchievementOur team at E.M. Snow has been in business for over 50 years, and during this time, we’ve established a track record of excellence, ensuring we cater to all of our client’s needs and leave every job site cleaner than we found it.

That’s why we are happy to announce that we’ve just received our annual Certificate of Achievement from the Better Business Bureau, congratulating our team on 41 years of exceptional service! We are always proud to receive recognition for our work, and we take pride in delivering the same quality of service that Massachusetts homeowners have come to expect from our team, year after year.

Whether we’re replacing your windows or entry door, or completing a full roof installation, our team has always brought the same attention to detail & care to every project. We aim to continue providing our same quality of service for another 41 years, and we look forward to assisting you all with your remodeling needs along the way!