Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Home Windows Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Checking your windows may not be on the top of your to-do list, but maybe it should be. You may need new windows and not even realize it. The signs that your windows are due for a replacement may not be so obvious. It’s relatively easy to spot dated or severely damaged windows, but other signs may go unnoticed. If you know what to look for, you’ll be better able to determine when you are in need of new windows. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

Decaying Frames

Decaying window frames are one of the most obvious signs that your windows are due for a replacement. Moisture exposure and accumulation can ultimately cause serious decay of the frames, which can turn into a safety issue. Rotten wood frames, for example, can begin to grow mold which impairs the structure and also poses a health risk to occupants in the home. Furthermore, rot can spread and affect other areas around the window.

High Energy Bills

If you notice that your energy bill is particularly high, your windows may have air leaks, which causes you to waste a lot of your energy dollars. A sure sign of drafty windows is feeling a breeze when your windows are closed, which could indicate that there is an issue related to poor installation or faulty seal. According to, drafty windows can cause roughly 10% to 15% increase in your energy bills. Check your windows for air leaks, and if found, it’s time for a replacement with more energy-efficient options that can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Problems Closing and Opening Windows

You made have difficulty opening or closing your windows, which could be the result of some causes. Proper maintenance and upkeep may have been neglected, or they may not have been installed correctly in the first place causing an issue with balance. A simple cause could be an accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris over time, which worsens and increases friction, making the windows hard to open and close.

Outdoor Noise

When your windows are closed, and a lot of noise still comes through from the outdoors, this may be the result of incorrect sealing or poor craftsmanship. If sound blockage is important to you, then it’s time to replace your ineffective windows with ones that provide noise reduction.

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