When Should I Replace My Roof?

Home Roofing When Should I Replace My Roof?

Even if your roof isn’t falling in on itself or if there aren’t puddles in your home, there are plenty of signs that your roof needs to be replaced. When your roof starts to fall apart slowly, it will usually tell you. As a homeowner, it is important that you are aware of these signs. Whether you think your roof is getting old or if you are doing a routine check, these signs may be telling you that it’s time for a new roof.

1.) Roof Age: Most asphalt roofs have a typical lifespan of 20-25 years. This will obviously vary depending on the quality of maintenance your roof gets and other circumstances.

2.) Buckling or Curling Shingle: Look at the slopes of your home that get the most sunlight. If your roof shingles are starting to buckle or curl, that is a sign you may need a new roof.

3.) Missing Shingles: If a shingle here and shingle there fall off your roof, it isn’t the biggest deal in the world. But, if it happens fairly often and your house starts to look like a checkerboard you may want to look into fixing this issue.

4.) Shingle Pieces in Your Gutter: The shingle pieces that make up a roof are very smaller granules. As the shingles start to break down the shingle granules will start to come off and roll into your gutters.

5.)  Sunlight Showing In The Attic: One of the easier issues to notice is if daylight comes through the roof boards in your attic.

There are so many different variables that go into a roof. Along with that, your roof gives you man signs that it is breaking down. If you aren’t sure if you need any help with replacement roofing issues, please feel free to reach out.

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