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Home Roofing, Siding, and Window Contractor in Nonantum, MA
Here at E.M. Snow Inc, we are proud to offer home improvement services to homeowners in Nonantum, Newton, MA! A village located in the city limits of Newton, Nonantum is one of thirteen villages that the city of Newton has to offer, alongside Auburndale. Newtonville, and others. A great place to both visit and live, if you’re a homeowner in Nonantum, Newton, MA and require service in roofing, siding, or decking, consider our team at E.M. Snow to get the job done right! To learn more information, keep reading below or contact us today!  

Services That We Offer To Nonantum, Newton, MA Homeowners:

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Roof Replacements in Nonantum, Newton, MA

If you’re a homeowner in New England, you need no introduction to the polarizing weather that we have here. Not only can the weather change at a moment’s notice, but it can quickly become violent, battering our roofs with rain, snow, and high winds. Though we’d like our roofs to last a lifetime, this isn’t always the case, as they can easily become vulnerable to the elements. When your roof has surpassed needing just basic repairs, a roof replacement is often the smartest move to make – saving you from spending more money, time, and energy down the road. If you’re looking to replace the existing roof on your home, get in touch with the experts at E.M. Snow to get started!

Asphalt Shingle Installation in Nonantum, Newton, MA

One of the most popular roofing materials out there, working with asphalt shingles is our specialty here at E.M. Snow. We are happy to offer repair and replacements for asphalt roofs in the greater Boston area. Working with only the most trusted names in manufacturing, such as CertainTeed, our team can replace or rebuild your asphalt shingle roof to last you decades. See what we can do for your asphalt shingle roof by calling our office at (781) 893-4546 or filling out a contact form!

Rubber Roofing Services in Nonantum, Newton, MA

While the appeal of asphalt shingles can’t be denied, rubber roofing is another excellent choice for homeowners looking to get more durability out of their roofs. Here at E.M. Snow, we are happy to offer rubber roofing installation to Nonantum residents! Rubber is an excellent choice of material – there’s no doubt it’ll help you get through those rough New England winters! Contact us or give us a call today to learn more about our rubber roofing services!

Siding Installation in Nonantum, Newton, MA

We are far from just a roofing contractor – we are proud to offer siding services to Nonantum and the greater Boston area! Siding plays a much larger role in your exterior than most people think. When rough weather and conditions arrive at your home, siding is your home’s first line of defense. In addition to the protection and security it provides, a quality siding job can improve both curb appeal & resale value for your home. For your next siding project, whatever it may be, consider E.M. Snow to get the job done! Call our office at (781) 893-4546 or fill out a contact form! Siding Materials That We Use:

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