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For many Massachusetts homeowners, wintertime is the most difficult stretch of the year. The roads are icy, the weather is uncomfortable, and it brings a host of home maintenance issues, from shoveling snow, to removing ice, to ensuring that the home is sealed and energy efficient. One of the most important aspects of your home to maintain during the wintertime is your roof, which functions as the the umbrella of your home, keeping it protected from the elements and pests! This means that keeping the roof well-maintained is essential for the health of your home, and safety of your property. If you’re interested in learning a bit about the roof maintenance you should be performing this winter, our team at E.M. Snow has put together a blog for you!

Shovel Excess Snow

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your home’s roof in good repair is to shovel excess snow from the roof. You could choose to hire a professional to get on our roof and removed it, or alternatively, you can use a roof rake to grab snow and remove it from your roof; just be careful not to drop it all on your head!

The reason removing snow from your roof is so important is because it can cause a couple of significant issues. The first issue that often occurs with excess snow is that it can damage your roof by being too heavy and potentially causing damage to your roof deck.

The other issues that often occurs is that snow ends up melting down your shingles, and refreezing in your gutters, where it causes ice dams. Let’s discuss how to address & prevent ice dams below!

Ice Dams

One of the most important issues to keep an eye on in the wintertime is ice dams. Ice dams occur when excess snow from your roof melts and runs down to your gutters. When its no longer being heated by the warmth escaping from your attic, it refreezes in your gutter system where it it causes water to back up and seep into your shingle system. This means that keeping your gutters clear of ice dams is important for maintaining the health of your roof! To help reduce ice dams, it’s best practice to both ventilate your attic properly, also use ice melt when significant dams form.

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