Spring Home Maintenance, cleaning gutter system

Spring Home Maintenance

With spring arriving in Massachusetts, it is important to keep up with your home maintenance in order to keep your home protected through the season! However, it can be tough to know which facets of your home’s exterior deserve the most attention, which is why our team is here to provide a guide on the proper spring maintenance that you should be performing on your home this summer. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading below for more information!

Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

First off, one of the most important pieces of spring maintenance for your home is cleaning your gutters & downspouts. Your gutter system serves a very important purpose, particularly in the springtime, by routing water away from your home’s foundation & siding, keeping it protected from water damage. This means that keeping the system free of debris & flowing freely is essential to the health of your home. If your gutter system is clogged, water will back up over the sides of the system, spilling onto the home & ground beneath the system where it can end up causing significant damage to your home or foliage. Be sure to check your gutter system each spring and ensure that there are no clogs in the system.

Inspect Your Roof

Another good piece of home maintenance advice is to check your roof for damage. Once the snow has melted, you may be able to spot damage on your roofing system. Perhaps your flashing has rusted from the moisture. Or your shingle system may have been damaged in the fall or winter by branches. Springtime will provide you with an opportunity to examine the system and ensure that your roof is in good repair for the spring & summer showers!

Check Windows & Doors for Drafts & Rot

Finally, it is a good idea to check the frames of your windows & threshold of your door for signs of rot, or drafts. The constant moisture that sits on your sills and threshold each winter can often cause moisture damage, particularly as it thaws and refreezes continuously. This means that come spring, it is a good idea to take a look around your home for signs of rot in the system, ensuring that everything is well maintained for the warmer months!

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Icicles on gutters, with snowy roof

Winter Roof Maintenance

For many Massachusetts homeowners, wintertime is the most difficult stretch of the year. The roads are icy, the weather is uncomfortable, and it brings a host of home maintenance issues, from shoveling snow, to removing ice, to ensuring that the home is sealed and energy efficient. One of the most important aspects of your home to maintain during the wintertime is your roof, which functions as the the umbrella of your home, keeping it protected from the elements and pests! This means that keeping the roof well-maintained is essential for the health of your home, and safety of your property. If you’re interested in learning a bit about the roof maintenance you should be performing this winter, our team at E.M. Snow has put together a blog for you!

Shovel Excess Snow

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your home’s roof in good repair is to shovel excess snow from the roof. You could choose to hire a professional to get on our roof and removed it, or alternatively, you can use a roof rake to grab snow and remove it from your roof; just be careful not to drop it all on your head!

The reason removing snow from your roof is so important is because it can cause a couple of significant issues. The first issue that often occurs with excess snow is that it can damage your roof by being too heavy and potentially causing damage to your roof deck.

The other issues that often occurs is that snow ends up melting down your shingles, and refreezing in your gutters, where it causes ice dams. Let’s discuss how to address & prevent ice dams below!

Ice Dams

One of the most important issues to keep an eye on in the wintertime is ice dams. Ice dams occur when excess snow from your roof melts and runs down to your gutters. When its no longer being heated by the warmth escaping from your attic, it refreezes in your gutter system where it it causes water to back up and seep into your shingle system. This means that keeping your gutters clear of ice dams is important for maintaining the health of your roof! To help reduce ice dams, it’s best practice to both ventilate your attic properly, also use ice melt when significant dams form.

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Ice Dams

How To Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

With winter on its way in Massachusetts, there are plenty of homeowners who will very shortly be looking to rid their home’s roof of ice dams. Damaging and potentially dangerous, ice dams are a nightmare to deal with, and they can end up causing considerable damage if left to grow throughout the winter. If you’re interested in learning how you can protect your home from ice dams this fall with a bit of preventive maintenance, keep reading below for more information!

How Do Ice Dams Form

Before we discuss preventing & removing them, let’s first discuss how ice dams form! Ice dams are created from snow that melts off of your roof and refreezes in your gutters. Throughout the winter, snow will accumulate on your roof, building up with each snowfall. Heat will be continually escaping through your attic, warming your shingle system. This causes the snow to gradually melt, and run down your shingles. When it reaches your gutters, and is no longer being heated by your shingles & attic, the water will refreeze as ice in the gutter system. This process will repeat over and over throughout the winter, gradually building up. Eventually, if the ice dam gets large enough, it will begin to hold liquid water onto your roof, which can begin to seep under your shingles if it’s held on your roof. Eventually, ice dams can cause significant amounts of water damage to your roof deck & shingles, which means it is important to prevent ice dams whenever possible. If you’re interested in learning how to prevent ice dams, keep reading below!

How To Prevent Ice Dams

If you’re interested in preventing ice dams from occurring this winter, there are a few methods you can employ. The first thing you should do is assess your attic’s ventilation. Since ice dams are formed from heating escaping through your attic and heating your shingles, if you can mitigate the amount of heat that accumulates in the attic during the winter, you can prevent the snow from melting. You will first want to ensure that your attic is properly insulated. After adding as much insulation as you can, if your attic is still too warm, ensure that it has the proper ventilation. By ventilating your attic, you can bring cold air into the space, which will keep your shingles cool, and prevent the snow from melting!

If ventilation isn’t going to reduce your ice dams enough to alleviate the issue, you can also consider installing zinc strips to melt the ice, but this tends to be a last resort method for homeowners. Generally, ensuring that your attic has the proper ventilation will help keep snow frozen on your roof, rather than melting down it!

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Copper Gutters

Benefits of Replacing Your Gutters

We typically don’t give gutters much thought until they malfunction, or we realize that we have to clean them. However, gutters play a very important role in protecting our homes from water damage, so it is important to take care of them and perform the necessary maintenance on them in order to keep your home in peak condition! If you’re interested in learning 

Prevent Interior Flooding

Gutters send water away from your home. If they can’t do their jobs properly, this can lead to costly repairs such as interior flooding or damage to your foundation. 

Protect Against Roof Rot 

When gutters don’t drain properly, this can lead to a buildup of water back onto your roof. This water can create puddles, which can lead to mold and decay on your roof. The worst part is this back-up can actually start breaking down your roof in a matter of hours – so if you don’t notice the water back-up right away, you could have major damage in a short amount of time. 

Avoid Driveway Damage

Standing water on your concrete, such as your driveway or walkway, will start to break it down. If your gutters aren’t properly working, additional water may be landing on these areas and causing damage. 

Damaged gutters or water drainage systems are a very common reason for bowing driveways and cracked walkways. 

Slow Landscaping Erosion

Landscaping is an investment – regardless of whether you hire a professional or do it yourself. Clogged or damaged gutters may cause water to flood or rush onto your landscaping. This can wash away mulch or pebbles you’ve placed, knock over flowers or shrubs, and cause soil erosion and dips in your yard. While all of these things can happen in a particularly heavy onslaught of rain, they are more likely to happen due to poor gutters. 

Eliminates Pests

If your gutters aren’t working properly, there is a good chance that water will collect either on your roof or in your lawn. This creates an ideal place for mosquitos or other pests to live. Not only can this make it harder for you to enjoy the outdoors around your home, but it can also be a health hazard for you and your family. 

Saves Your Time

New gutter systems often come with guards already attached or for not much additional cost. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning off your gutters and performing other maintenance. 

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If you are experiencing any problems like landscaping erosion or driveway damage, it may be time to replace your gutters, unless there is another issue. If you want to prevent any problems or save time on your home care chores, you should definitely consider gutter replacement.

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