Deck Over The River

Benefits Of Installing A New Deck

With spring time right around the corner, many homeowners are interested in spending more time outside, enjoying the fresh air.  For some homeowners, enjoying the spring and summer entails putting the chairs on their deck and lounging in the sun. If you’ve been considering installing a deck on your home to help you enjoy the warm weather ahead but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment, take a look at our blog to learn about the benefits of installing a new deck.

Create An Entertaining Space

If you’ve been looking for a space where you can enjoy the warm weather with friends and family, a deck is just what you need! From family get-togethers, to graduation parties, to summer BBQ’s, a deck is the perfect place to entertain during the spring and summer months!

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value & Curb Appeal

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your home’s value, installing a deck can be a fantastic option.  Generally, deck installations offer between a 70-80% return on your investment, meaning if you sell your home within a few years, you’ll have completely recouped the cost between the resale value and time you were able to spend enjoying the space.  Additionally, a brand new deck looks fantastic and indicates to potential buyers that you are focused on the upkeep and appearance of your home. You can choose to install a natural, wooden material, or you can install composite deck boards in any color to match your home’s exterior. No matter what materials you decide to use, installing a deck will increase your home’s curb appeal and value!

Quick Installation

Another benefit of installing a deck is a quick installation time.  If you’ve wanted to install a deck on your home but you’re worried about all of the noise that comes with constructing anything new on your home, a deck won’t be nearly as loud or never ending as other home improvement projects, such as building an addition or remodeling your home’s interior.  With an installation time of roughly two weeks for the largest decks, it won’t take long to complete your deck installation project!

Extra Storage Space

Installing a deck can help free up storage space that was being used by your outdoor furniture, plant pots, or even things like your bicycles. Adding a deck is an easy way to create outdoor storage space that looks great and give’s your unused furniture a home besides your shed or garage.

Relatively Inexpensive

Compared to most exterior remodeling projects, installing a deck is relatively cheap.  It can be an inexpensive way to add value to your home, with a cost that’s comparable to a low-end vinyl siding project.

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Rotten Deck Boards

Four Signs Your Deck Needs To Be Replaced

Decks, just like any other part of your homes exterior, are constantly exposed to the elements.  As a result, eventually your deck will begin to fail.  If your deck looks worn out but you have still used it with no issues, you may be wondering why you would need to replace your deck.  However, sometimes the signs that your deck is in need of a replacement can be subtle.  Check out this guide to see some of the signs you may have overlooked:


When it comes to rot, there are two kinds that can affect your deck.  The first is the most obvious, your run-of-the-mill rot.  If you deck is exposed to high levels of moisture, and especially if it wasn’t finished properly, moisture will make its way into your boards and cause havoc to your decks frame.  However, there is another kind of rot that can affect your deck called Dry Rot.  Dry rot occurs when fungus gets into your decks boards and eats away at the cellouse in the wood which gives the deck its strength. Dry rot appears in long sheets, either grayish or white, and will make its way through your whole deck if left to spread.

Loose Railings

Another sign that your deck needs to be replaced is if your railings are loose.  While you may be able to get away with simply replacing the loose railings, they may be a sign that you have some rot damage in your deck.  At the very least, loose railings are a safety hazard, particularly for children, and you should replace any loose railings as soon as possible.

Cracked Boards

If you find any cracks in your deck boards, its a sign that the wood is nearing the end of its life.  While the wood may not fail today, or tomorrow, it will in the near future, and it could cause injuries to someone if left to continue cracking.  While minor cracks are nothing to worry about, if your boards are splitting down the middle, consider replacing them to increase your decks lifespan.

Failing Ledger Board

Your ledger board is what attaches your deck to your home.  If your ledger board is breaking away from your home, or if your deck is breaking off of your ledger board, you will need to replace the board as soon as possible.  If your ledger board fails completely, your entire deck could fall away from your home. Even if your deck itself is in perfect shape, if your ledger board fails, you could lose your whole deck.  Therefore, if you notice that the board is failing, be sure to replace it as soon as you can.

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